Welcome to Stephenson Plastics.

We have been around for more then 30 years. Stephenson Plastics provider bespoke products that suites our customers needs.

With years of experience, Stephenson Plastics are experts in the plastic industry. If you have any problems we will be able to sort it out for you.

We will advise each and every client which are the best materials for each and every job.

At Stephenson Plastics we use 2 x CNC (computer Numerically controlled) Router. With a 3 Metre by 2 Metre flat vacuum bed, it is a custom made machine to allow us to

accept the largest format plastic sheets currently available in the UK. This gives us both an advantage with respect to yield from a sheet, but also allows us to create un joined finished product up to the full bed size.

With a dust extraction system, it also allows quick turn around between one job and the next, as the cleaning time is significantly reduced.

We are an official supplier of Perspex Distribution LTD.

If you need any advise please contact us via our contact form or by using our details at the bottom of our website.